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Agronomy is the branch of agriculture sciences dealing with principles and practices of crop production and field management. Agronomy is mainly based on following basic principles Agrometerology, Soils and Tillage, Soil and Water Conservation, Dryland Agriculture, Mineral Nutrition of Plants, Manures and Fertilizers, Irrigation Water Management, Weed Management, Cropping and Farming Systems, Sustainable Agriculture. Agrometerology: Agrometerology is the branch of meteorology, which investigates the relationship of plants and animals to the physical environment. Agrometerology describes Agrometerological Observatory, Atmosphere, Wind, Clouds and Precipitation, Solar Radiation, Air Temperature, Soil Temperature, Humidity and Evaporation, Weather Hazards and their Mitigation, Weather and Crop Productivity, Weather Relations of crops, Weather Forecasting and Classification of Climate and Agroclimate in relation to agriculture. Soils and Tillage: Soils and tillage are necessary to know how soils should be managed and conserved for sustainable crop production. Under this principle of agronomy we can learn Physical Properties of Soil, Chemical Properties of Soil, Biological Properties of Soil, Soil Organic Matter, Salt Affected Soils, and Tillage.

WHDT I S A l I m M LK?

Mi/k from Indian Desi cow bas A2 type o beta casein protein, which is said to be closer to mothers milk and easy to digest. Milk derived from Desi COWS is good for the body, mind and soul. Milk is an important source of calcium, protein & fat. A2 milk is the natural milk from our Desi cows which is easy to digest and helps increase immunity, it is so called"stomach- appro ved"milk and helps Fight various diseases. Some people have had the experience that their digestive problems, diabetes, cholesterol issues, etc have disappeared from changing to A2 milk..


Cows have been domesticated for time immemorial. Mother nature wisely selected breeds of COWS suitable for a certain region. Human intervention has led to the current crisis where native breeds have been completely ignored or wiped out. Traditional Indian breeds like Gir cows are less prone to diseases & have higherA2 protein content in thir milk.